Thursday, March 27, 2014

How To Remove Wallpaper

If you have idea to get rid of  wallpaper and need some help how to do this I am here for you, because yesterday I did exactly the same ☺. First of all you will need some tools: 2gal bucket, scoring tool, sponge, scouring pad, towel, wallpaper stripper liquid:

First of all keep in mind that wallpaper has two layers of paper. At the start you can try to remove top layer without moisturizing it, just peel corners of wallpaper and try to remove it from the wall by keeping both sides of wallpaper and ripping like a sheet along the wall. If it does not go this way it means you will have more fun.

1 Step Take scoring tool and make scratches on the wallpaper for the better water absorption to the top layer  

2 Step Pour hot water in to the bucket, add wallpaper stripper in to it (I like this one vs gel).
Take a wet sponge and moisturize wallpaper one or two lanes at the time and leave for about 15 minutes (you can repeat it several of times).

3 Step Remove top layer of wallpaper

4 Step Moisturize second layer by using wet sponge and remove it

5 Step Wash up the glue from the wall by using scouring pad and rough towel . 

6 Step Patch, sand and prime scratched spots after wall is dry and paint walls.

Thank you for reading, have fun ☺.