Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How To Fix Wall Cracks

Cracks are probably the most noticeable imperfection at your home. It always gets your attention when you walk through the room with the cracked wall. After a number of these walks I probably will get your call by asking to fix a crack . I will walk you through the process how I am fixing the crack.

Step 1 Open the crack, by using 5 in one painters tool (you can use a utility knife as well). It is important to scrape all peals and cut along those cracks for the purpose to  make a groove for the mud.

Step 2 It is necessary to put screws along the crack. If it's no stud behind the crack, you can use stud finder to detect it. Even one or several screws will make a difference in the future. Because the place you are fixing and patching needs to be sturdy and not suppose to have moving parts. Otherwise it can brake that crack in the same spot after a while. After securing the place with screws you need to put  a mesh tape on the top. It will hold the mud firmly and after its dry it will make better bond with the drywall.

Step 3 Now we are ready to patch it. The first layer of mud can be rough, the purpose of it is to fill all area with the mud and to cover the mesh tape.

Step 4 After first layer is completely dry you can scrape the surface easy, to make it as smooth as possible before second layer by using 5 in one tool or drywall knife. Now its time for the second layer of mud.

Step 5 After second layer of mud is completely dry we should check the surface of the patched are. If everything is covered well, no mesh tape signs on the top, we can start to sand. If you think that it needs third layer of the mud- do it.

Step 6 After sanding a patched area we need to prime it first before painting it.

The crack is fixed now and no more bothering of our attention ☺.

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