Monday, April 14, 2014

Cracked vaulted ceiling corner

Very often I have fixed cracks along a vaulted ceiling corner. Sometimes I find them caulked. Caulk can be used if the crack is tiny. Today I have situation where the crack doesn't go right along the corner, but is twisted and peeled.

What steps do we need to take to fix this corner.

Step1 By using painters 5 in one scraper clean up the peels from the corner. Put screws along the corner on the ceiling and the wall. Use stud finder to locate studs. By putting screws we make all drywall sturdy and it is more guaranteed, that this fixed corner is going to last longer. Of course if a house still in a settling process, it makes huge force which moves wooden constructions and forces drywall to crack. Materials we use to fix the corner not going to stop it. But what we can do- to do the best job we can to prevent drywall side by the corner from having a movement.

Step2 Patch the corner

Step3 After it is dry, send and prime it and paint the ceiling part 2 coats, by allowing completely to dry in between coats. After ceiling is dry do the same with walls. Paint two coats by leting it dry between coats.

2nd coat of paint is still drying, so we can have little nap an go home ☺.

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