Thursday, April 10, 2014

One room painting cost

What questions do we need to ask before hiring painting company or self employed painter to paint your house or just one room. Let's take simplest basic situation- painting of medium size bedroom 13'x15':

1. Do we paint the ceiling? If yes- does it have color tone on it? If we choose white ceiling color sometimes we will need two coats. Look at this picture how it seems ceiling with color tone. It is hard to see this until you put white color on it. Than you can see the difference:

2. One or two coats  to the ceiling? After first coat we can see the difference between brush painted edges and the roller. It means we need one more coat of paint

3. Does the ceiling need some repair (nail pop, cracks, tapeline repairs)? If the ceiling has nail pops it will need to scrape it and put extra screws by the nail pop to secure drywall from further movements.

4.Does it enough to paint two coats to the walls? Sometimes if you have dark painted walls you might consider one coat of primer and two paint coats on the top. Especially if you paint with the yellow color ( like linen white) paint on darker walls you might need three coats of paint or one coat of primer and two coats of paint.

5. Do you consider accent wall? If you do it will need one more gallon (because quart might not be enough) of paint and extra time by cutting nice lines at the wall corners.

6. Do walls need some repair (cracks, nail pops)?

7. Are you considering to paint trims?

After these questions are asked we can try to put some numbers together. Let's say we have one experienced painter and try to count how many hours it would take to paint one room.

1.Prep work: moving furniture, taking of drapes, cover plates, putting drop clothes (tarps), covering everything with the plastic sheet, baseboard taping, etc.                                    1.5 hours

2. Ceiling repair work (fixing cracks, tape lines, nail pops) scrape, patch, dry by using dryer, sand, prime
                                           1.5 hours
3. walls repair work (fixing cracks,nail pops) scrape, patch, dry by using dryer, sand, prime                   1.5 hours

3. Painting first coat to the ceiling:take off can light rings, cut ceiling edges with the brush,paint around the lights, role the ceiling with the roller
                                           1.5 hours
4. Painting  second coat to the ceiling if needed. It usually goes faster.
                                            1 hour
5.First coat to the walls: paint wall edges with the brush, role walls with the roller.                               2 hours

6.Second coat to the walls. It usually goes faster.
                                            1.5 hours
7.Take off masking tapes,do touch ups if needed, put back cover plates, drapes, move furniture back,vacuum clean the floor.
                                              1 hour
One coat to the ceiling, two coats to walls:  10.5 hours
Extra coat to the ceiling:                                         1 hour
Accent wall nice lines:                                             0.5 hour

So you have 10.5 to 12 hours of one painter work time for one room. Now you need to find hourly rate of each contractor or painting company. It might vary depending on region, size of company, time of season (winter time is not busy for painters, so it could be discounted prices). This number might be starting with $35 to $50 or more per one work hour.

So if we have 10.5 hours option , labor could cost $367 to $525 +$100 materials.
For 12 hours it will be: labor $420 to $600+$120 materials

Materials for one room approximately: 1gal paint for the ceiling $20 to $40 per gallon gallon and 2 gallons for the walls $20 to $50 or more, depending on the paint brand and contractor discounts at the store.

Keep in mind, that basic painting could be less costly. I tried to show situation where you have 3 hour of fixing work, ceiling painting. Often people choose paint just the walls, so the cost could be decreased significantly.

  I didn't talk about trims this time. Let's leave it for the next time. So, have fun and paint it easy!

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