Saturday, April 26, 2014

House Painting Questions

Hello everybody! After Easter I decided to put Skype button on my blog. If you are starter in painting business or private house owner considering to paint your house, make some drywall repair work and you have some questions-I am here for you. If you have some practical questions and I can answer them- I'd be happy to help you. Or if you have some ideas about my blog themes I would be grateful to hear from you. Fell free to use it! Thanks.

Scoring tool for wallpaper removal

I already posted about wallpaper removal in my earlier post. Today I would like to focus shortly about Scoring Tool for that purpose. As I mentioned we use it for making small holes on wallpaper for better water absorption  thru the wallpaper .

In my next video I want you to show how does look the back side of the wallpaper after using this tool. You can see water marks on back side. It helps to get wallpaper off the wall, when the moisture gets in.

Our goal is to make big peaces of wallpaper to get peeled from the wall. Because sometimes you can go just inch by inch. It happens when wallpaper crew didn't put sizing primer before starting this process or did put some extra glue on the wall. Sometimes it happens when wallpaper is very cheap and very thin.

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