Saturday, April 19, 2014

How To Decorate Easter Eggs?

How to decorate eggs it's my question to you today and I have to admit, that it is a weaker side of my painting skills ☺. Every year starting with my childhood growing in Lithuania I usually was involved in a process of decorating Easter eggs. The main technique mama learned me and my brothers to use was onion peals, wrapped around the egg and pushed in to a peace of nylon sock by fixing with a regular thread. After that put eggs in a boiling water with a desirable color of fabric dye (in those times we had immunity against all kind of hazardous chemicals ☺). The Result of decorating was amazing-
colors would be deep and intensive and we would enjoy seeing "maps of the world" on our eggs and competing with my brothers which egg is the most beautiful. 

But today decorating eggs is a biggest Easter challenge to me. I tried hard to move this responsibility on to my kids, but so far it wasn't successful." You are the painter (they say) and it is your responsibility to manage this process". Those products in the market does not work so strong as it used to in my childhood. Paint kits, tablets, powder are much weaker instructions are complicated (you should boil egg first, than put in to separate plate with dye, ad some vinegar , who knows what percentage exactly 4,5.9% ? OK may be I will stop right here about these challenges. I just will go to the stores, maybe I even will use natural ways I have red about decorating eggs by using red cabbages, beets, spinach, coffee.

As you can see on the picture our dining room is getting ready for the Easter. My wife is good with interior design and decorating tables for different occasions. I will do my best to make Easter eggs shine on the table. If you have some advice please help me!!! You are welcome put them in a comment box. Happy Easter Everybody! 

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